Dr. Stephen Sorokan

Dr Stephen Sorokan is a pediatrician who works out of the Cedar Hills location. Dr Stephen Sorokan is available by appointment only.

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Dr. Scott C. Russell, B.A., BSc., DPM.

Dr. Russell completed his residency in Podiatric medicine and surgery at VGH AND UPC in 1979/1980. He served on the staff of Princeton University Medical Center as well as the State Hospital of New Jersey. In 1986 Dr. Russell joined the staff of Shaugnessy Hospital in Vancouver. He also started his own practice, and has provided his services to our patients since October 2002.

Dr. Russell offers a variety of foot referrals, ranging from Routine and diabetic care to foot surgery. He is well versed in all aspects of foot care and the use of orthotic appliances for the treatment of foot pathologies.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (Foot Doctor)

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